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This Is My Story

I’ve been in love with food since I can remember myself! 


In my early teens I developed a big interest in healthy lifestyle in general, and nutrition in particular. I started experimenting with different diets and detox programs, in order to stay as slim and healthy as possible. I read books about healthy living and searched the Internet for the newest, fanciest and most effective diets. I could never reach sustainable results though, and got really caught up on it. For many years my life became a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting…

As I approached my thirties, I developed some unexplainable and very irritating digestive problems. That’s when I realized, that my approach to nutrition was detrimental to my health. In order to recover my digestion, I went on a new research quest and accidentally stumbled upon Ayurveda. It was so different than everything I knew! Being a naturally curious person, I started reading books and articles about ayurvedic nutrition, and trying it on my own body. The more I did it, the better I felt. And the more I realized that this was it - the system that made absolute sense to me! So I decided to study Ayurveda in depth, went to a specialized school and became a certified holistic ayurvedic nutrition and health consultant.

In the process of learning Ayurveda, I also developed a huge passion for healthy cooking. I started experimenting with spices, grains, legumes and unusual ingredients from vegan cooking. I even got a grain mill and started baking my own bread. With time, a lot of research and practice, I’ve developed my own style of cooking and baking easy, seasonal, mainly vegetarian food, backed by my knowledge of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has helped me heal my digestion and drastically improve my nutrition and overall well-being. I have also found my true calling to help others with their nutrition and cooking!

If you need support with your health and nutrition, but don’t know where to start - book my free enquiry call. Together we will find the best solution!

Love and Peace


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